Hey, I’m jo!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Nutritionist

Helping you understand why you have fatigue and providing the support you need to move your health forward and start living life again.

Your journey with CFS nutrition starts now…

Going doctor to doctor only be told that your test results are ‘normal’ and everything is fine. You know your body best and I’m here to listen, unravel your health history and help you join the dots.

I look at the body as whole rather than a list of unconnected symptoms. I’ll guide you through the science, your unique biochemistry and life circumstances and help you gain clarity on your health. We are looking to the root causes and to solve the ‘why’.

We address any imbalances with nutrition, lifestyle, environment and mindset changes. There are often many elements to work through and will be unique to you.

You can heal and bloom into a life beyond CFS

Work with me to connect to what your body uniquely needs so that you feel in control again and can transform your health for a brighter future.

CFS Nutrition Coaching

My one-to-one coaching programme gently guides you through all the elements you need to transform your health and I’m with you every step of the way.

DNA testing

A one off DNA test and interpretation session providing you with an action plan to support your unique needs with food, supplements and lifestyle practices

meet the founder

Hey– I’m Jo! I’ve been where you are today and I’m here to share that it can get better…

I have personally recovered from ME/CFS, after living with life altering symptoms for 7 years. I have been through the ups and downs, the symptoms, the frustrations and fears. I’ve experienced first hand the transformative power that nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and environmental changes can bring – so much so I retrained and I now guide others to do the same!

I am a registered nutritional therapist and have a thriving online nutrition clinic for CFS and Long Covid. I take a root cause approach to health and always want to know the ‘why’. I weave my additional training and expertise of functional medicine, nutrigenomics (DNA), disordered eating and mind-body therapies throughout my work.

Client Results



Working with Jo has changed my life and given me my energy back. Over the last few months I’ve learnt to break out of the boom/bust cycle and out of fight or flight mode and live a less anxious existence. I feel like a different person and I am now nourishing myself on the inside and in life.



After only working together for a short time I feel like I’ve got my brain back. It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders on trying to manage my own recovery. My life is opening up again after being small for so long, seeing friends, gardening more, no crashes, the power of not feeling unwell all the time is magic.

long covid


Through working with Jo my life has completely changed. I feel calm and at peace. I feel like I’ve got my body back. I’m a much happier person. I also have a deep understanding of everything my body has been through and how to help myself going forward. It feels truly amazing.

Recovery is possible

Start here – get the book!

This free ebook shares the wisdom and recovery stories of others that have lived through this too. You can find interviews with personal experiences, pep talks for when you need them most and practical tips for recovery from ME/CFS and Long Covid.

Gabriella Mytton-Mills
Gabriella Mytton-Mills
Working with Jo completely transformed my life and got me living again! After being diagnosed with ME/CFS for over 5 years and being determined to not let it rule my life, I was becoming defeated with only ever being able to recover to a certain level and then slipping back. It was a breath of fresh air to work with Jo and not have to over explain myself because she understood how I was feeling and the impact this had because she had been stood in my shoes. To have the support of a plan of recovery but being walked through it step by step, celebrating the wins and adapting things when needed, was everything I need and more. Jo has helped me achieve things that I’d thought would only exist in my dreams. These dreams keep getting bigger and better as I continue to navigate my journey, with all the tools she has given me, and start to get to a point where I can move from being in a place of recovery to recovered. Thank you so much Jo for everything!
Kayla Kraiker
Kayla Kraiker
Jo has been such a life saver and a gem to work with. She helped bring much needed hope, clarity and practical steps to an otherwise scary and confusing time following my ME/CFS diagnosis. She provided a tailored nutrition protocol with both diet and supplements, and over the months together we worked through understanding symptoms, lifestyle changes, pacing, and troubleshooting challenges as they came up. Layer by layer, Jo patiently helped me work through things to where I could start navigating my health condition more confidently and seeing progress and improvements with less fear of symptoms. She never pushed unnecessary testing or supplements/other products, and kept everything tailored to my individual needs and budget. She brings a very clear-minded perspective and expertise that’s helped navigate a complex health issue while dealing with brain fog and fatigue. On top of all of this, she provided compassionate and personable support, and was always there to answer any questions that came up via chat. She really cares about what her clients are going through and takes an interest in getting to know your unique situation and health factors - she’s even done extra research on things as they’ve come up! Her help has put me on a better track toward recovery. Highly recommend her to anyone struggling with a fatigue condition and feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed. You can’t go wrong with Jo.
Adam Kirby
Adam Kirby
I can honestly say that working with Jo was a life changing experience - I was diagnosed with ME about 5 years before I met Jo and had been told by the NHS that I would never lead a normal life again, that I had to work to find ways of living with my diagnosis. I didn't want to accept what they were telling me and so set out to find a way back to good health. Through my own research, I made some progress, but before long I had hit a ceiling and was constantly up and down with my illness. I found Jo through a podcast that she had been on and contacted her straight away. I worked with her over the space of about 9 months. During this time we unlocked my route back to health and I have now made what I believe is a near full recovery. I am now leading a next to normal life, without worry. Each and every month sees me in a better place and furthers my trust in my new found health. I owe this to the work done with Jo. Her knowledge, empathy, kindness and belief in recovery made me have faith that I'd get there in the end...I did.
Lala MR
Lala MR
I found Heal&Bloom on Instagram and I was really inspired by Jo's recovery and her page; it made me feel understood and also gave me hope; something that was taken from me by my NHS specialists who told me recovery is not possible- "this is your life now"- I was told. In the seven years prior to Jo's support I was on a rapid downhill slope in terms of mobility and activity. I was in a really low and fragile place, having tried keto and various other approaches including Chinese Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, but not had the ongoing support that someone with mod/severe ME needs. This is something that Jo's program offered me with the ability to see her frequently and use the app for questions in between sessions. I was also excited by Jo's approach using DNA testing and other testing that can really help give an insight into what is happening in your body. This process was an emotional as well as physical journey as I learned my genetics make it harder for me to process stress hormones and this lifted a lot of guilt and self blame; I was able to be more gentle with myself. It was also fascinating to see how the data showed areas that need specific supplementation support. Although I am still in the early stages of recovery, with Jo's help I achieved a really important turning point; from a steep downward trajectory to a small upward one. Even a plateau would have been a success because further loss of ability is really frightening. With Jo not only did we halt that downward trajectory , we made an UPWARD TURN. It is when I charted out my data from tracking apps that I saw this hugely pivotal change had happened, because when you are still ill sometimes it is hard to see progress when you dream of full recovery. With Jo's help I now have an understanding of what foods help me, what supplements support me based on my genetics, how my body functions and where it needs support (the gut is a big one for me! And my nervous system). Moving forward I aim to take what I have learned with Jo and integrate it with nervous system supportive practices, and I am hopeful that my upward trajectory can continue. There is no quick fix for ME/CFS, but I now believe that it is possible for all of us to see improvements, and potentially even full recovery. Thank you so much for your help, this was the turning point that I needed. Laila MR
laura neil
laura neil
Jo is knowledgeable and compassionate in her approach, and she has a lightness that I appreciated, as things can feel pretty heavy when you’re unwell. Our work together helped me understand more about the causes of my long covid and how to address them. My health has improved massively since working together and I continue to gradually increase my activity levels. I’m confident it won’t be long till I’m fully recovered and back to doing everything I want to.
Becci Hayward
Becci Hayward
Jo is gently helping me get some quality of life back! I have had health issues for most of my life in varying forms and have tried many different approaches to recover, some of them very drastic and ultimately more damaging. Jo and I have been working together for 7 months now, I still have quite a way to go, but having consistent appointments with Jo is so supportive. Genetic testing and analysis have also been a game changer, we have been able to more specifically target supplements, diet and life style as a result. Learning that so much of what I was struggling with was a result of genetics was validating, following years of medical tests not offering any insight. Knowing Jo has herself recovered from CFS and now lives a full and active life gives me hope and the determination to keep going.
I am a qualified nutritional therapist registered with BANT and regulated by CNHC.