Nutrition and functional medicine

For chronic fatigue conditions

Conventional medicine tends to follow the format of a diagnosis followed by medication either to cure the condition or manage the symptoms. This model doesn’t fit well for complex chronic fatigue, with no solutions available. Nutrition and functional medicine approaches things differently and asks the ‘why’.

  • Why are you ill?
  • What is causing your symptoms?
  • What is happening in other systems in the body that could be contributing?

This science-based approach seeks to discover the underlying causes of an illness and what might be continuing to drive symptoms. By using nutrition and lifestyle we can correct imbalances and create the environment for healing. Each person has a unique biochemistry, health history, symptoms and goals. This is a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme, not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Working with a practitioner

When you are exhausted, doing your own research is even more exhausting. The brain fog and loss of cognitive function add to this and it’s impossible to take information in and make decisions. The endless google searches, new diets each week or desperately ordering all the supplements people recommend on Instagram (believe me I’ve been there) aren’t necessarily going to work.

I’m here to help you cut through the conflicting advice and find solutions personal to you. I set priorities based on your symptoms and goals and I can guide the order in which we tackle different elements of your healing. Taking the guesswork and overwhelm out of the process means that the pursuit of health doesn’t become a stressor and you can focus all your precious energy on getting well.

When I started working with practitioners that is when the magic started to happen. It accelerated my healing and I gained clarity that is only possible from someone on the outside able to see the big picture. I sought out practitioners that had recovered from ME/CFS to learn from their experiences. You can’t beat the shared wisdom of speaking to someone who deeply ‘get’s it’ and has come out the other side.

Have questions before we work together?